Welcome to Gallery XII

Gallery XII, an artists' cooperative, provides an opportunity for its members to exhibit and sell their work to the public, provides a supportive environment for creative stimulation, and promotes the visual arts in the city of Wichita and the state of Kansas.


Works by Our Members

  • Rosemary Dugan

    Rosemary Dugan

  • Mary Ellen Williford

    Mary Ellen Williford

  • Tom Montgomery

    Tom Montgomery

  • Diane Warta

    Diane Warta

  • John Ellert

    John Ellert

  • Maureen Walter

    Maureen Walter

  • Doug Billings

    Doug Billings

  • Ann Krone

    Ann Krone

  • Joanna Ramondetta

    Joanna Ramondetta

  • Harry Williford

    Harry Williford

  • Bob Benson

    Bob Benson

  • Martha Wherry

    Martha Wherry

  • Jan Klassen

    Jan Klassen

  • Diane Curtis

    Diane Curtis

  • Justin Bayles

    Justin Bayles

  • Chiaw-Weai Loo

    Chiaw-Weai Loo

  • Lyda Andrews

    Lyda Andrews

  • Melinda J. Weis

    Melinda J. Weis

  • Carolyn Denver

    Carolyn Denver

  • Sally Allen

    Sally Allen

Our Featured Artist


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