Bob Benson

bbensonbiopicMy photography presents the world around us in uncomplicated images. I portray simple patterns in nature and human artifacts that we can see for ourselves if only we would look.

For the last two years, I have focused on Kansas, particularly iconic images of the agricultural and geographic character of the state. These images are the basis for what’s included in the artist registry and the on-line web sites for the gallery.

I strive to give viewers a lens into a scene that they can relate to, can imagine themselves there, and that simplifies the scene for them into its most straightforward essence. I try to convey Kansas.

As far as the art is concerned, I am a print film guy. Beginning with black-and-white I worked with low-contrast rather than high-contrast images. When film was the only available color medium, I chose to work in print because the effect of transparency film was to emphasize the intensity and contrasts in colors rather then a portrayal of simple uncomplicated unprocessed images. Today in the digital age I  continue to work in print film, augmented by low-intensity digital images. I do very little digital image processing except to adjust perspective and sharpening when necessary.

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