Bob Neace


Bob Bio Photo 2017I Paint Because I Can’t Play Guitar

I grew up in Wichita and like most kids in the neighborhood, I played all sports and fished the local ponds in the summer and ice-skated in the winter. In my alone time, I drew anything I could find in magazines as a resource. I never really thought of myself as an artist until I started college. There I met an instructor that convinced me graphic design would be best for me. I started working as a designer with a local ad agency in 1971 and have had a serious career ever since. I formed my own studio in 1979 and am still operating Bob Neace Graphic Design, Inc. today.

I am new to painting as the last paintings I executed were for my senior painting class at WSU in 1973. Beginning anew in August of 2013, my acrylic paintings represent his simple desire to create images that might, just for a moment, take you back to a time and place that is meaningful.

“The brushstrokes accumulate, and truth becomes beauty. The twinned halves of my paintings speak back and forth, and beauty becomes truth. I paint once more. The weather of my heart leans into the wind. Which tells me, and you, not much.  Not much at all. But then again, all we need to know.”

Following a recent desire to break away from what has been a relatively successful style, I began searching for a different way to apply my acrylics. Galleries were telling me that they already had artists that painted like I painted. So I stepped out further and began applying the paint with a credit card. It seemed a better use for the plastic slab in the hands of a collector of baseball relics and vintage hunting decoys. And cheaper. The result is a series of paintings I call “Landscrapes”. “I scrape the paint on the canvas, and then scrape it off.” “Over and over again, layers and layers, scraped on and scraped off until it’s right. The old masters would frown a bit at the end result. But then, who cares what they think.” I do what I like.