Joanna Ramondetta

I began painting and drawing at a very early age and always knew that I would want to make a career as an artist. Ever since I began creating art, I have been influenced by detail and historical patterns and shapes, and have applied these to different aspects of my work.

I have lived and studied in Wichita my entire life. I attended Wichita State University where I focused on studies in painting, art history and the decorative arts. I became very influenced by the areas of Art Nouveau, Neo Classical and Italian and Netherlandish Renaissance art history. I was fascinated with the detail and stylistic forms that were found all throughout the works that evolved from these eras. In my own work, I wanted to explore ways of creating original hand drawn or painted patterns, designs and renderings that were influenced by historical art.

Before graduating from WSU in 2002 with a Bachelors degree in painting and a minor in art history, I completed the Decorative and Ornamental Painting and Design certificate program and took part in several art exhibitions, both at WSU and outside the school. In the fall of 2004, I retuned to WSU to complete a second Bachelors degree in Art History.

In September of 2006, I was accepted to an Artist in Residency program in Montecastello di Vibio, Italy, at the International School of Painting, Drawing and Sculpture. This was an amazing experience in that the school is in a tiny hill town in Umbria and I was with artists from all over the world. In Italy, I was struck by the bounty and richness of the country which was apparent in it’s art, history, culture, people and food. In my own way, I have tried to document that in my work. It was a very influential and rewarding residency and I look forward to returning to Montecastello for further study and to be inspired by all that it has to offer.

I currently reside in Wichita, Kansas with my husband where I continue to paint and work as a freelance arts writer.

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