Stephen Perry

IMG_4389As a printmaker, writer and retired Landscape Architect, I have spent my life in appreciation of the natural landscape and have continually worked to interpret that appreciation to others.  My love of the natural beauty and rugged character of the back road landscape has directed all of my artistic pursuits.  I grew up in Wichita but have traveled the backroads throughout the country in search of the natural beauty that each state has to offer.

Every location has its own beauty and sense of place.  Sometimes the beauty is in the macro-landscape, sometimes in the micro.  My goal is to find that beauty and to extract that unique character in an original image that is, on one hand, recognizable, yet seen in a different mode.

I would characterize my writings as emotion inspired prose and my artwork as traditional, regionalist images utilizing contemporary printmaking techniques.   I have worked with copper plate etching, but have switched to photo-polymer plates in varied techniques from etchings and aquatints to bold relief prints which are hand-colored with watercolor paint.  My latest efforts are in adding bold and vibrant color to the prints using additional color plates.

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